Francis Wilson Playhouse announces Auditions for BORN YESTERDAY by Garson Kanin on Sunday July 14th and Monday July 15th at 7pm.

All roles are available and readings will be from the script. Performances at the Playhouse October 3rd to 13th.

The Play revolves around a vulgar, egotistic junkman at a swanky hotel in Washington about to make crooked deals with government big-wigs. He has brought with him the charming but dumb ex-chorus girl Billie, whose lack of social graces embarrasses even Harry. Billie must be taught some of the amenities, and a few basic bits of information. The young, idealistic magazine reporter Paul Verrall, who has been investigating political skullduggery and is interested in Brock’s activities, agrees, for a salary, to educate Billie. He finds Billie has a natural honesty and a frank streak in her, and she begins to learn about history, politics, and what Harry really is and what he wants.


Billie Dawn: Late 20’s early 30’s. She is an uneducated ex-chorus girl, who is also lacking in social graces, until she meets Paul Verrall, and begins to understand what sugar daddy Harry is up to!
Harry Brock: 40’s to 50’s. Harry is a self made millionaire. He is also uneducated, but “knows” the junk business. He is accustomed to getting his own way, even if it means buying his way in or out of any situation. Harry thinks of long time girlfriend Billie as nothing more then a possession that was bought and paid for.
Paul Verrall: Late 20’s to 30’s. A bright, well traveled writer, who is paid by Harry to “teach” Billie the social graces and how Washington works. He falls in love with Billie and her childlike honesty.
Ed Devery: 50’s to 60’s. Harry Brock’s attorney who tries to keep Harry’s business dealings on the straight and narrow and as a result has developed a drinking problem.
Senator Norval Hedges: 60’s+. Long time Washington senator, who can be easily swayed when large amount of money are involved.
Mrs. Hedges: 60’s+. The Senator’s wife. A well put together society lady.
Eddie Brock: 30’s. Harry Brock’s “cousin” who doubles as his man servant. He makes Harry’s drinks, picks up after him, and does what ever Harry tells him.
The Hotel Staff: The Assistant Manager, the chamber maid, two Bell Hops, Barber, Manicurist, Shoe Shine Boy, Waiter. (May be doubled characters)