Sunday May 19th and Monday May 20th at 7pm

Director: Jason Fortner – Musical Director: Emi Stefanov

This Bay Area premiere of the epic Tony Award Winning Best Musical will feature a large cast of singing actors, portraying over 35 speaking roles of the real people who traveled and worked this ill fated maiden voyage. All roles are open with many parts doubling & tripling.

Roles Include:

  • Thomas Andrews – Designer & Builder late 30s
  • J. Bruce Ismay – Owner late 40s
  • Captain E. J. Smith – early 60s
  • Isador & Ida Straus – late 60s
  • First Officer Murdoch 30s
  • Second Officer Lightoller 30s
  • Third Officer Pitman 30s
  • Fourth Officer Boxhall late 20s
  • Quartermaster Hitchens early 20s
  • Harold Bride – Radioman early 20s
  • Frederick Barrett – Stoker early 20s
  • Frederick Fleet – Lookout late teens/20
  • Joseph Bell – Chief Engineer – 30s-40s
  • Henry Etches – Senior 1st Class Steward – 50
  • Bellboy – teen
  • John Jacob Astor late 40s
  • Madeleine Astor – late teens
  • Benjamin Guggenheim – 40s
  • Mme. Aubert 20s/30
  • Alice Beane – 30s
  • Edgar Beane – 30s
  • Jim Farrell – 20s
  • Three Kates – late teens or early 20s
  • Charles Clark – late 20s
  • Caroline Neville – late 20s
  • John B. Thayer 30s
  • Marion Thayer – 30s
  • Jack Thayer Child
  • Charlotte Cardoza 40s

Book by Peter Stone and Score by Maury Yeston.  Please bring a 16 bar song and be prepared to read from the script if requested. The show will open the 90th Season on Thursday August 15th and run through Sunday September 1st.