Audition Dates: June 10th and 11th at 7pm at Francis Wilson Playhouse

Show Dates: August 16 – September 2, 2018

Director Jason Fortner and Musical Director Emi Stefanov are seeking a playful, talented cast for this Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical classic. Auditioners will be asked to sing 16 to 32 Bars with Sheet Music. If appropriate for a role, you may be asked to read from the Script.

The fairy tale characters are as follows:

The Narrator/Mysterious Man- Male, older, Vocal Range: G2-E4. He tells the story, and eventually dies for it. As Mysterious Man, he duets with the Baker and provides a bittersweet back story to the show.

The Witch– Female, 35+, Vocal Range: F3-G5.
After losing her mother’s magic beans, she is cursed with “ugliness”. She believes that if she can reverse this curse she will be able to secure a lasting life with a child she has kidnapped and kept in a tower. Through her journey, she comes to realize that her wish will not bring her the happiness that she has longed for and decides to take her fate in her own hands.

The Baker  Male, age 25-45, Vocal Range: A Flat 2-G4.
This man is scared by past abandonment and is just trying to get by in life. Because of the lack of a male’s influence, he can’t grasp the reality of being a man, a husband, or a father. As we progress through the show, he learns life is messy and no one is truly alone.

The Baker’s Wife Female, age 25-45, Vocal Range: F3-G5.
A practical house wife type desperately seeking for her life to be different. Not sure if she knows what she wants. Her wishes vary between children to a more glamorous life of royalty.

Cinderella Female, age 16-30, Vocal Range: G3-G5.
She too wishes her life were different. However upon getting her wish, she realizes it’s not what she thought it would be. How can she find middle ground in an ever-changing world?

Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf  Male, age 20-40, Vocal Range: B2-F4.
Men and Women all want to either be or be with him and he knows it. This playboy is used to all the accolades without deserving any of them. Life for him is deciding which maiden to seduce next. As Wolf, he is always on the lookout for his next meal. He entices his victims with flowers and fun until they willingly succumb to his desires.

Red Riding Hood Female, age 14-20, Vocal Range: B flat 3-F5.
Coming from a life of privilege, this little one must learn to be more cautious. Her carefree lifestyle comes in contact with dangers beyond her imagination. How she deals with these situations will force her to take a good look at herself and everything she thinks she knows.

Jack  Male, age 15-25, Vocal Range: B2-G4.
Feeling he has no friends in the world, he finds solace in the family’s cow. Unable to read his surroundings, he lives his life in dream land. It’s not until he trades the cow for magic beans that his gigantic adventures begin. His quest up a beanstalk teaches him lessons he never thought he would learn. However, with all his experiences he is still search for the ways of being a man.

Jack’s Mother Female, age 35-60, Vocal Range: B flat 3-F5.
A single mother left by a deadbeat husband to raise a clueless son whose imaginary friend is a cow. This is a woman who loves her son but wishes he would grow up. She has been beaten down by a life of poverty until her son finds a golden hen. How will she handle this new-found way of life?

Rapunzel Female, age 15-30, Vocal Range: B3-A5.
How would you feel if your whole life you’d been trapped in a tower with only a crazy witch to talk to? Here we find a girl who wishes to see the outside world. However her lack of human contact or knowledge of the world proves to be a challenge for her. Upon being banished to a remote desert with her twins by a wondering stranger, she cracks.

Rapunzel’s Prince  Male, age 17-40, Vocal Range: C Sharp 3–E4.
After having to live in his brother’s shadow for so long, this handsome young lad sets out to seek his own adventures. Upon falling in love with a dreamlike maiden, he is pierced with the realities of life. Will he pursue a family life or try to find happiness elsewhere?

Cinderella’s Stepmother  Female age 40-60, Vocal Range: A3-F Sharp 5. Dotes on her daughters, stern and strict with Cinderella. Wealth and social status are her constant goals.

Lucinda, Florinda (Two Step-Sisters) Females, age 16-40, Vocal Range: C4-A Flat 5.
These women are always pursuing a glamorous lifestyle to save them from their current situation. They wear the best that they have in order to mask their poverty. They are like vultures in that they find joy feeding off others.

Cinderella’s Mother  Female, age 40-55, Vocal Range: G3-A Flat 5.
Her projection of reality is heavenly. She appears in times of trouble to guide her child and help fulfill her wishes.

Steward  Male, age 20-50, Ensemble Singer.
A man servant who is used to doing whatever he has to solve a problem. His only care is to please his master or the strongest personality in the room.

Granny Female, age 40-65, Ensemble Singer.
This is a woman who has been calloused by life. The fire in her eyes is only out shined by the love in her heart for her granddaughter.

Milky White   Female or Male, age 15-35, Ensemble Singer.
A cow that’s seen better days but is best friends with Jack.

Possible additional Ensemble Members may be used.

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