Audition at FWP!

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The Producers Feb 27 & 28 7pm

Auditions for the hilarious Mel Brooks musical THE PRODUCERS will be held Sunday Feb 27th at 7pm, and Monday Feb 28th at 7pm at the Francis Wilson Playhouse. All roles are open. Production performance dates are May 5th to the 22nd, 2022. Please be prepared to sing 16 to 32 bars of a Comedy or Uptempo song. Dance/Movement audition and Readings from the Script.


Max Bialystock
The consummate con man. Naturally animated and bombastic, he is never at a loss for charm and manners. Typically conspires with Leo.
Age: Over 40   Vocal range top: F#4    Vocal range bottom: A2

Leo Bloom
An accountant. Boring and mousy, he is a hesitant optimist who longs for something more. Dragged into a scheme by Max.
Age: 20 to 40  Vocal range top: F4   Vocal range bottom: A2

Franz Liebkind
German loyalist playwright. From his lederhosen to his pigeon, Adolph, his love for the motherland is unmistakable. He is imposing yet tender.
Age: 35 or up    Vocal range top: G4     Vocal range bottom: F2

Roger Debris
New York’s most famous and flamboyant stage director. Surrounds himself with deliciously beautiful clothing, people, and possessions. In a crowd, it would be impossible to miss him.
Age:40 plus  Vocal range top: G4   Vocal range bottom: G#2

Carmen Ghia
Roger Debris’ faithful assistant. Carmen is severe in looks and passion for Roger. He may appear younger than he actually is thanks to skilled surgeons.
Age: 25 to 40   Vocal range top: A4   Vocal range bottom: C3

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-hallen Svaden-svanson
A young and hopeful actress. Though her beauty might eclipse her talent, Ulla is passionate about life and art. Quite a clueless seductress in some ways.
Age: 20 to 35   Vocal range top: G5    Vocal range bottom: A3

Ensemble is very busy in this show playing a variety of singing/dancing roles including:
Accountants; Bavarian Peasants; Convicts; First Nighters; Little Old Ladies; Storm Troopers; Chorus Girls; Girl Prisoners; Usherettes