Audition at FWP!

 All auditions take place at our theatre! Join us for auditions for our 92nd season! Questions? Email!

Fools Oct 31 Nov 1 7pm
Cabaret Dec 5 & 6  7pm
The Producers Feb 27 & 28 7pm

Auditions for Neil Simon’s rollicking comedy FOOLS will be held Sunday October 31 and Monday November 1 at the Francis Wilson Playhouse. This comedy about a town filled with Village Idiots will run January 14 to 23, 2022. All roles are open. Readings from the script.

LEON TOLCHINSKY – The storyteller of the show. He is a schoolteacher, somewhat bookish, but very able. Falls in love with the town and the people, especially the doctor’s daughter. 20-30s
SNETSKY – male, stupid shepherd – any age
MAGISTRATE – male, the stupid magistrate – 30+
SLOVITCH – male, the stupid butcher – any age
MISHKIN – male, the stupid postman – any age
YENCHA – female, the stupid fish vendor – any age
DR. ZUBRITSKY – male, older, has a daughter near the same age as Leon. 40+
LENYA – female, Dr. Zubritsky’s wife 40+
SOPHIA ZUBRITSKY – female, their daughter 20’s
GREGOR YOUSEKEVITCH – older male, a count who feels destined to marry the much younger Sophia; keeper of the curse. 40+

OTHER STUPID VILLAGERS – various ages and types