Francis Wilson Playhouse is excited to announce auditions for the Broadway version of YOU’RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN on Sunday October 7th and Monday Oct 8th at 7pm. Performance dates are December 6th to 16th at the Playhouse – 302 Seminole Street – Clearwater.

Auditioners must be 16+ and bring a 16 Bar Audition Song with Sheet Music. Accompanist will be provided.

Charlie Brown: male baritone; a sometimes optimistic, sometimes self-deprecatory lovable loser who will one day get the little red haired girl to notice him, get his kite to fly, and pitch one winning baseball game. Strong singing and acting skills.
Sally Brown: female soprano; a highly articulate, charismatic, lovable, sometimes eccentric and argumentative younger sister to Charlie Brown. Strong singing and acting skills.
Linus Van Pelt: male baritone; the thumb-sucking, blanket-dependent younger brother to Lucy. The irony with Linus is that he appears at once to be a 5 year old but is really the most educated character in the bunch. Strong singing, acting, and soft shoe or tap experience would be great.
Lucy Van Pelt: female alto; the bullish, manipulative, self-important older sister to Linus who bosses Charlie Brown around and perpetually offers arm-chair psychiatric advice for her rate of five cents. This actress will have the ability to be a brute but also allow a softer, gentler Lucy shine when necessary. Strong actress and belter.
Snoopy: male tenor; a clownish, vaudevillian scene stealer who can really “sell it.” Snoopy is at once a dog with many animal behaviors but can dance circles around everyone else. Strong comedic timing and musical theatre style dance required.
Schroeder: male tenor; Lucy’s love interest; spends most of his time practicing the piano. His love is his piano and Beethoven. That said, he comes out and shines in his number “Beethoven Day,” which can be a show stopper. Strong acting and singing skills. Schroeder does not actually play the piano during the show.


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