Auditions will be Sun Sept 11th and Mon Sept 12th at 7pm. All roles available. Please bring sheet music, sing from the score or a Bluetooth accessible track. Show dates Dec 1st to 18th, 2022.

QUEEN AGGRAVAIN: Very protective of her only son, Dauntless. She is a strong character that takes the stage with her presence. She is overbearing, lively, domineering, but should be played comically. Adult Female (Age 40 – 60’s) strong singer, Alto

PRINCESS WINNIFRED the Woebegone: She is not the “classical” princess in any sense of the word. She can swim moats, lift weights and she prefers the swamps of home to a fancy castle. She is energetic, adventurous, independent and optimistic.
Adult Female (Age 20s – flexible) Mezzo/Soprano

PRINCE DAUNTLESS THE DRAB: Still a “mama’s boy,” but it is evident that he is ready to move on. He is child-­‐like, naïve, with a likeable sense of innocence. He adores Winnifred and is in awe of her every step. Male (Age 20+ – flexible) Baritone

LADY LARKEN: A classic beauty. She is graceful, charming and in love with Sir Harry. She is very eager for Dauntless to marry so she can wed Harry before her little bundle arrives. She is eager to please and would never cause embarrassment to her love, Sir Harry. (Age 20’s flexible) Strong singer, Soprano (sings the romantic ballads)

SIR HARRY: He is a handsome and masculine knight, but quite pompous – a bit of a “stuffed shirt.” He fancies that he may one day become the Prime Minister, if he can find a Princess to marry Dauntless, so he can wed Lady Larkin. He is chivalrous, brave, determined but a bit taken with himself. Think Dudley Do‐Right. Adult male (Age 20s – 30s) strong singer, Tenor

MINSTREL: Functions as the narrator and has a direct link to the audience, and is attractive and “worldly”. Has an air of confidence and enjoys telling the real story to the audience. He is likeable and cunning when need be. Works at foiling the Queen’s plans. Strong singer, tenor

JESTER: Must be flexible, agile and full of energy. Has a hidden passion for show business and the “good old days” His loyalty lies with his friends, the King & the Minstrel. strong singer, tenor. Dancer and special talents (juggling, gymnast) a bonus.

WIZARD: The Queen’s Loyal Confidante. He is magical and mysterious and is able to do several magic tricks. He possesses a sense of showmanship. Kind of a buffoon though. Primarily a speaking role

KING SEXTIMUS, THE SILENT: He is mute, due to a curse, but you always know what he is thinking, He is expressive, mischievous and playful. Mature adult male Primarily a mimed role -­‐ strong facial and physical comedy

LARGE ENSEMBLE: Group of dynamic, energetic characters to help carry the show. They are the knights and ladies of the Court. Lots of singing, dancing and comedy. All ages welcome.