Francis Wilson Playhouse is thrilled to present the Clearwater premiere of the NEW Gershwin Musical, NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. Director Jason Fortner and Musical Director Emi Stefanov are seeking a large and lively cast for this 1920’s extravaganza.

AUDITIONS are SUN DEC 9th and MON DEC 10th at 7pm at the Theatre, 302 Seminole Street in Clearwater.

Auditioners are asked to prepare 16-32 bars of music that best shows their vocal ability. There will be a dance/movement audition. Some auditioners will be selected to read from the script.

PERFORMANCES are Feb 20th to March 11th 2019.

All roles are available.  


It’s the roaring ‘20s and a cast of outrageous characters gather in New York to celebrate the 4th wedding of wealthy playboy, Jimmy Winter. However, things don’t go as planned when Jimmy meets Billie Bendix, a feisty female bootlegger, who melts his heart. Mayhem and hilarity ensue. Nice Work If You Can Get It is filled to the brim with classic Gershwin songs including Someone to Watch Over Me, I Got Rhythm, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, and, of course, the title tune. This sparkly, madcap tale combines laughter, romance, and high-stepping dance magic for an evening bursting with girls, glamour and the glorious songs of George and Ira Gershwin.


Jimmy Winter – A wealthy playboy, dripping with charm, but not the brightest crayon in the pack. Plays Age – mid 20’s to late 30’s. Vocal range – low B to high F – falsetto B flat. Must be able to dance. Whistling and willingness to learn the ukelele a plus.

Billie Bendix – A feisty street-wise woman. Partners in bootlegging with Cookie and Duke. Plays Age – mid- 20’s to mid 30’s. Vocal range – low A to E. Must be able to dance. Cockney accent during the 2nd Act.

Cookie McGee – Fast-talking, wise-cracking bootlegger. Plays Age – mid-30’s to mid 50’s. Vocal range – low B flat – to high G – falsetto B flat. Must be able to dance. Strong comedic skills.

Duke Mahoney partner with Billie and Cookie. The “muscle” of the group but clearly not the brains. A kind, gentle heart. Plays Age – early 20’s – late 30’s. Vocal range – low B flat to high E flat. Must be able to move.

Eileen Evergreen – The self-proclaimed finest interpreter of modern dance in the world. Plays Age – mid 20’s to late 30’s. Vocal range – low B flat to high B flat. Must be comfortable throwing herself around the stage in over the top “modern” dance. Must also be comfortable being in a bathtub and wearing a negligee.

Senator Max Evergreen – Eileen’s father. A humorless career politician. Serious and stern, he is also a minister and judge – the most “moral man in America.” Plays Age – late 40+. Vocal range – has no solos but sings with the ensemble. Must be able to move.

Estonia Dulworth, Duchess of Woodford – A noted prohibitionist, she is the founder of The Society of Dry Women. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of “demon rum.” Plays Age – 30+. Vocal range – low F sharp to high B flat. MUST NOT BE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. Significant vocal and comedic skills required. Must be able to move.

Jeannie Muldoon – The head chorus girl whose main objective in life is to marry the Duke of England. Plays Age 18+ Vocal range – low A flat to D flat. Must be able to dance.

Chief Berry – Chief of the Long Island Police Department, he is always at least one step behind the bootleggers. Plays Age – 30+ Vocal range – D to high E flat. Must be able to move.

Millicent Winter – A stylish, wealthy matron who, by the strength of her personality, commands the attention of everyone in a room. Jimmy’s mother. The epitome of elegance. Age – Mature. Vocal range – only sings with the ensemble. Must be able to move.

Ensemble Roles – Equal number of men and women not to exceed 14. All must sing and dance. Much of the harmony is 6 part, so you should be very comfortable holding a part while you are dancing. Age – 16+

THE LITTLE FOXES by Lillian Hellman
Sunday January 20th at 7pm
Monday January 21st at 7pm
CHESS (Broadway version) 
Music by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Sunday February 24th at 7pm
Monday February 25th at 7pm
Performances May 2nd to 19th, 2019

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