Francis Wilson Playhouse will be holding auditions for Lerner & Loewe’s classic musical Brigadoon on Monday December 9th and Tuesday December 10th at 7pm. Performances are February 20th to March 8th, 2020.

All roles are available. Auditioners are asked to bring 16 to 32 bar song with sheet music. There will be a dance audition for most roles. Some auditioners may be asked to read from the script.

Roles available include:

  • Tommy Albright- A handsome young man from New York, 20-30, engaged to Jane, but attracted to Fiona. He is warm and charming, open, honest and unassuming.
  • Fiona MacLaren-Graceful and altogether lovely, she is about twenty-two. She is bright, has a gentle sense of humor and is completely frank to the point of being quite often disarming.
  • Jeff Douglas-From New York. In his 20’s-30’s, retiring and good-natured with a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.
  • Meg Brockie-20’s-30’s. An outgoing, bubbly young woman who is very interested in men, and while she is forward with them, she is still basically friendly and honest and loved by the townspeople.
  • Andrew MacLaren-Father of Fiona and Jean, a hearty soul. He is a bit pompous and has a loud gruff voice.
  • Angus MacGuffie-Seller of eggs, milk and cream in MacConnachy Square.
  • Archie Beaton-A kind looking Scot 40-60 yrs. old, and seller of plaids and wool. 
  • Charlie Dalrymple – A sandy-haired youth in his twenties, he is betrothed to Jean. A Dancer.
  • Frank-A New York bartender.
  • Harry Beaton-Archie’s son. A young man with a dark personality. Harry is in love with Jean MacLaren..
  • Jane Ashton-New York, she is in her twenties, chick, very attractive, though maybe a bit severe; engaged to Tommy.
  • Jean MacLaren-Attractive, shy and diffident, she is about 18. She is betrothed to Charlie Dalrymple. A Dancer.
  • Kate-A friend of Jean’s.
  • Sandy Dean-A Scottish child, a seller of Candy.
  • Mr. Lundie-The wise old sage of the village. He is the schoolmaster, and loved and revered by all the townsfolk for his wisdom and insight. He is gentle, deep-thinking, slow moving and thoughtful.
  • Ensemble-The Brigadoon ensemble consists of a number of named characters with small speaking parts. The music is very fulfilling for the singer, with lots of lush and important musical numbers throughout the show